Alleviate Chronic Migraine Pain with Chiropractic Care

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, migraine is the 3rd most prevalent illness in the world, and approximately 1 in 4 households in the United States include someone who suffers from migraine pain. Unfortunately, a great majority of migraine sufferers are never diagnosed or treated for their condition. Many of them just wait out the pain and other symptoms, hoping they pass quickly. 

If you suffer from chronic migraine pain, chiropractic care may be able to help alleviate your pain and discomfort, reduce the frequency and severity of your migraines, and improve your quality of life.  

What are migraines and what causes them?

A migraine is a neurological condition caused by overactive nerve cells, swollen blood vessels in the brain, and a complex system of cause and effect that results in inflammation and pain. The symptoms of a migraine include debilitating head pain, sensitivity to light and sound, and sometimes dizziness and nausea. These symptoms can last for a couple of hours or a couple of days (or more) and are often so severe that they significantly impact a person’s quality of life. 

A migraine is usually passed down through families, and those already prone to migraines may be triggered by any of the following (or a combination thereof): 

  • Emotional or physical stress

  • Anxiety or depression

  • Some dairy foods and cheeses

  • Some foods with MSG

  • Cured meats

  • Birth control pills

  • Smoking or exposure to smoke

  • Alcohol

  • Caffeine

  • Skipping meals

  • Changes in the weather

  • Changes in sleep patterns

  • Changes in hormone levels

These triggers vary from person to person, though they too can be passed down from one family member to another. In other words, if chocolate exacerbated your grandmother’s chronic migraine headaches, then it could be triggering yours too.  

How can chiropractic care alleviate chronic migraine pain?

If you have been diagnosed with a migraine and you’re seeking a drug-free solution to your symptoms, chiropractic care may be the way to go. Many people who suffer from chronic migraine headaches have found that chiropractic care reduces both their frequency and the severity of the associated pain.  A chiropractor can help to:

Realign your vertebrae

Some migraines are triggered by a misalignment (or subluxation) in the spine.  These misaligned vertebrae cause your muscles and nerves to become irritated and inflamed, and the resulting stress on your body could be a trigger for migraine headache pain. Regular spinal adjustments with a chiropractor can help to keep your vertebrae in alignment and restore your nervous system to its optimal state, resulting in less frequent migraines. 

Decrease your muscle tension

Many migraine headaches begin in the neck. This isn’t surprising given the neck’s relationship to both the head and the spine. Tension in the neck and the muscles around it is often the result of hunching over a computer for hours at a time and days on end, holding a phone to your ear without elbow support, carrying heavy bags on your shoulders, and other daily activities. Unfortunately, the more pain and tension you experience in these muscles, the more tense and painful they become. Chiropractic care can help to decrease your muscle tension, alleviate your pain, and prevent the development of another migraine. 

Improve your posture

Neck pain associated with migraine headaches may also be the result of forward head and shoulder posture, where the neck slants forward and the head sits in front of the shoulders. This poor posture puts stress on the vertebrae and the muscles of the neck and back, often causing painful conditions such as muscle tension and herniated discs and even triggering migraines.  A chiropractor can help to improve your posture and lower the frequency of migraines. 

Treat Chronic Migraine Pain with Chiropractic Care

At Loy Chiropractic Arts, we help treat the root cause of your condition. For those who suffer from chronic migraine pain, we can’t promise you’ll never have another headache again, but we can promise that we will work side by side with you to optimize your whole-body functioning in order to decrease the frequency and severity of your migraines. We’ll also help educate you on the lifestyle choices that best support your health and wellness so that you leave our office not only feeling relief from your pain but also feeling empowered to treat yourself and your body with the loving kindness you deserve. Give us a call at (858) 436-7162 to schedule your appointment.