Chiropractic Adjustment for Neck (Cervical Spine) Pain

Although we often hear people use the phrase “a pain in the neck” to describe a minor annoyance or inconvenience, real neck pain is no joke—it can significantly affect your quality of life.  While it may be tempting to take over-the-counter pain medication and go on with your day, persistent neck pain requires treatment.


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Often, chiropractic adjustments of the cervical spine (the part of the spine that reaches up into the neck) not only provide pain relief and increase the range of motion but also treat the root of the problem rather than just dulling the symptoms. Read on for more about chiropractic adjustment for neck pain.

What causes neck pain?

The cervical spine consists of seven vertebral bones that support the full weight of the head. It is delicate and susceptible to pain and injury. Some causes of neck pain include:

  • Injury and accidents that cause “whiplash” movements of the neck

  • Degenerative disorders, such as osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis

  • Bulging or herniated discs

  • Bone spurs

  • Postural stress due to emotional tension, obesity, or weak abdominal muscles

A skilled chiropractor can help determine the cause of your pain if you are unsure.

Chiropractic treatments for neck pain

After thorough physical and neurological exams to observe and test your posture, reflexes, range of motion, muscle strength, and spinal curve and alignment, your chiropractor will determine a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan for you.

Your program of care may include one or more of the following chiropractic treatments for neck pain:  

  • Spinal manipulation

Spinal manipulation of the cervical spine involves manipulation of the vertebra by rotating or flexing the head sideways, and sometimes includes a short quick thrust over the restricted joints to restore normal range of motion. This technique can provide neck pain relief and help manage chronic pain caused by spinal misalignment.

  • Cervical mobilization

Cervical mobilization helps to increase range of motion between the cervical spinal segments. For this technique, the chiropractor manually moves the vertebra by gently and strategically moving the head side to side and in a figure 8 motion. The benefits of cervical mobilization therapy include pain reduction and improved range of motion in the neck and upper body.

  • Cervical drop techniques

Cervical drop techniques employ the special “drop” features of the chiropractic table, allowing the chiropractor to facilitate movement of the vertebra by performing light and precise adjustments to the cervical spine.

  • Flexion distraction therapy

Flexion distraction therapy is a gentle technique that decompresses the discs, alleviates neck pain, and improves head movement.  The chiropractor uses a gentle pumping action that allows the spine to flex naturally and realigns discs in the case of bulging or herniation. It’s a beneficial technique for whiplash injuries and disc herniation, and can significantly improve headaches.

  • Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage works well in combination with other chiropractic techniques to help alleviate neck pain by relaxing muscle spasms, increasing mobility, and reducing tension.

The above chiropractic therapies for neck pain work to reduce soreness and stiffness and restore mobility, making tilting and turning the head easier and more comfortable.  The resulting realignment and improved range of motion lead to a healthier nervous system and higher levels of overall wellness.

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