6 Reasons to Use Chiropractic Care During & After Pregnancy

It’s no secret that pregnancy does a number on a woman’s body. From morning sickness to back pain to constipation, the list of aches, pains, and worries related to pregnancy may seem endless (and unfair). Fortunately, chiropractic care can relieve many of these discomforts and promote optimal health for both Mom and Baby.  

Take a look at these 6 reasons to use chiropractic care during and after pregnancy: 

#1. Relief from morning sickness

Morning sickness is often one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy, and for some women, one of the most debilitating. Chiropractic care reduces spinal nerve stress and optimizes the health of the whole body.  Regular chiropractic adjustments have been shown to lessen the frequency and severity of morning sickness in some women.  

#2. More room for Baby

As your body begins to prepare for labor, it produces hormones to relax your ligaments, allowing the pelvis to widen. Sometimes pregnancy changes also cause your pelvis to shift out of alignment, which can restrict the amount of room your baby has to develop. Chiropractic adjustments can help restore pelvic alignment and give your baby more room to grow. 

#3. Less pain for Mom

As your baby grows, the additional weight you carry in the front of your body often results in postural changes and changes in your spinal curvature.  Then comes that dreaded pregnancy-related back pain. Chiropractic care restores proper posture and spinal curvature, and provides significant pain relief, particularly in the back, neck, and joints. 

#4. Immune system boost for Mom and Baby

Although it may seem silly to see a chiropractor for a common cold, studies have shown that the nervous system and the immune system work together to help your body heal. A misaligned spine caused by pregnancy puts stress on your body and works against your immune system, which is linked to that of your baby.  Spinal adjustment reduces nerve interference to immune responses and supports whole body wellness for both you and your baby. 

#5. Easier labor and delivery

Regular chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy help ensure pelvic alignment, optimal nervous system functioning, and proper positioning of your baby. These conditions prepare you for an easier labor and delivery, and a higher likelihood of having a successful natural birth without the need for intervention. 

#6. Quicker post-partum healing

The experience of giving birth causes significant stress on the body. And as eager as you may be to get back to yourself again, your body may not snap back right away. Post-partum chiropractic care, however, can help restore your pelvic and spinal biomechanics, allowing you to overcome postural issues and regain your strength so you can achieve overall wellness sooner.

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