Health Conditions Chiropractic Can Help Treat

Chiropractic treatment helps to maintain and optimize the function of a healthy body, but it can also be used to treat and even cure specific ailments and degenerative health conditions. Because chiropractic care addresses the improvement of central nervous system functions, it has the potential to impact every part of the body and significantly enhance the quality of life by halting or slowing progressive diseases.

Take a look at the following health conditions that can be improved or entirely remedied with expert chiropractic care:


This spinal deformation is often addressed with pain medication, restrictive braces and belts, and even invasive surgeries. But chiropractic adjustments for scoliosis can reduce curvatures, increase mobility, and alleviate the most debilitating pain symptoms.

Car accident injuries

Whiplash, herniated disks, anxiety, headaches, and neck strains are all common conditions following automotive accidents. While your local pharmacist likely has a remedy for the symptoms of all those ailments, medication alone fails to address the sources. High-impact collisions jar the central nervous system and often skew its natural alignment. Chiropractic care is a precise and customized treatment that restores nervous system flow and ultimately mends the conditions causing unpleasant symptoms.

Sports Injuries

Athletes deliberately push their bodies to the limit. Joint, muscular, and skeletal injuries (particularly stress fractures) are all too common for serious athletes. While the body eventually mends itself with adequate rest and nutrition, chiropractic care can help it heal in proper alignment, allowing for the return to optimal athletic form and protection from re-injury.


Chiropractic adjustments cannot directly cure seasonal or food-based allergies, but they can optimize the function of the body, within which the cure for many allergies is locked. A study conducted in 2004 found 98% of patients suffering from allergies possessed the same mid-spinal misalignment. By enabling optimal nervous system flow through chiropractic adjustments, over 70% of patients experienced a significant reduction in symptoms.


Sciatic pain stems from pinching and/or inflammation of the sciatic nerve. If untreated, simple sciatic pain can develop into a crippling condition that limits exercise and even standing. Chiropractic treatment corrects misalignment around the sciatic nerve, addressing both the painful symptoms of sciatic pain and its source. 


The joint swelling and stiffness that are symptomatic of arthritis can hinder activity, comfort, and day-to-day happiness. Chiropractic therapy can increase mobility and significantly reduce arthritic progression and discomfort. 

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