Functional Fitness Training | Loy Chiropractic Arts Solana Beach

Importance of Functional Fitness Exercises

Functional Fitness training is highly recommended as part of our patient’s advanced corrective care and nervous system restoration. We consult with our personal trainer to tailor each patient’s care according to their specific health needs or goals.

On-site Certified Personal Trainer

At Loy Chiropractic Arts in Solana Beach, San Diego, we have an on-site certified personal trainer who teaches our patients how to perform functional movement patterns which help correct and strengthen imbalances in the body that may be causing pain. 

What Is Functional Fitness Training?

We focus on posture, mobility, and strength to help support our skeletal system. Besides skeletal misalignment, you may be experiencing pain caused by overactive tissues and muscles, creating dysfunctional movement patterns, which may cause injuries over time. In each case, implementing corrective exercises and stretches will help you feel good and move pain-free. 

Start Training Your Muscles to Get the Most Out of Daily Activities

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