Infants & Children | Loy Chiropractic Arts Solana Beach

Loy Chiropractic Arts in Solana Beach has been protecting the spinal health of infants and children—with preventative and corrective care —for more than 20 years. Regular chiropractic check-ups can identify small problems before they become more serious.

Many parents are surprised to learn that even newborns can benefit from chiropractic care. The birth process is not only physically stressful for mothers, but it can also result in trauma to an infant’s spine and nervous system.

Depending on the severity of the birthing trauma, the healthy function of a newborn’s developing nervous system can be compromised, potentially leading to one or more common issues. These may include colic, lack of appetite, allergies, breathing problems, ear infections, and weakened immune systems.

Chiropractor Dr. Loy recommends that parents bring their infants and toddlers in for preventative examinations and adjustments. Rest assured, the chiropractic care is gentle and scaled to fit the size, weight and musculoskeletal system of each child.

Proactive Care for Active Kids

Once children begin participating in physical activities — bike riding, skateboarding, soccer, and other sports — a more proactive approach to chiropractic care becomes essential. Falls and collisions on sports fields and courts, as well as activities that engage the dominant side of a young athlete’s body more than the other can lead to misalignment (subluxations) of the spine.

If not corrected, these subluxations could interfere with healthy nervous system functions and affect normal spinal growth during a child’s formative years. In fact, many of the spinal problems experienced by adults begin during childhood.

If you’re ever in the Solana Beach area, please feel free to stop by for a visit. We are proud to be the chiropractor preferred by our community and look forward to helping you as well.