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Prevention is the Best Medicine

At Loy Chiropractic Arts in Solana Beach, we believe prevention is the best medicine. We all have the power to protect ourselves against injuries and debilitating disease and improve and maintain our health. Our overall health is greatly determined by the lifestyle choices we make every day. That’s why we educate our patients on how to take an active role in their care and only accept patients who are committed to improving their health.

In addition to preventive care and Advanced Corrective Care, we have helped thousands of patients get relief from chronic and trauma symptoms, such as back pain, sciatica, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, sports injuries, as well as auto accident injuries. We emphasize a natural, drug-free approach to health and healing.

Loy Chiropractic Arts is here to help you achieve and maintain optimum levels of wellness, balance, and energy in everything you do. To learn more, or to make an appointment at our Solana Beach Chiropractic Center, please call (858) 436-7162.

If you are ever in the Solana Beach area, please feel free to stop by for a visit. We are proud to be the chiropractor of choice in our community and look forward to helping you as well.