Sports Injury Treatment | Loy Chiropractic Arts Solana Beach

When you consider the fact that spinal health and optimum nerve function are essential to every athlete’s performance, it’s no surprise that all professional sports teams rely on a chiropractor to provide regular chiropractic care.

Caring for sports injuries and helping patients achieve faster recoveries is a specialty at Loy Chiropractic Arts. As a result of our track record for successful patient care, many local medical doctors and even other chiropractors send their most challenging (back, neck, shoulder, and hip) injury cases to our practice in Solana Beach. Current and former patients include:

  • Hawaii Iron Man Champions

  • San Diego Padres

  • San Diego Chargers

  • NFL Hall of Famers

  • Olympic Trial swimmers and Olympic track and field athletes

  • World-class beach volleyball players

  • Professional surfers

  • Motocross riders

  • Racecar driving champions

A sports injury patient’s first visit will consist of a comprehensive evaluation of the athlete’s history, training, and lifestyle. This will be followed by a thorough, hands-on physical exam. In many cases, X-rays will be ordered to ensure accurate diagnosis.

The findings of the evaluation and exam will be analyzed and explained during the second visit. At this time, Dr. Loy will design a personalized care plan that may combine chiropractic, massage therapy, stretching exercises, and nutritional supplements. The body’s natural healing processes are supported as the spine is returned to proper alignment and nerve flow is restored to major organs, muscle groups and connective tissues.

Injury Prevention

Dr. Loy’s extensive training and experience in caring for sports injuries and accelerating the rehabilitation process can also be utilized to help prevent future injuries. Our Advanced Corrective Care, Nervous System Restoration, and Ancillary Therapy techniques help athletes maintain maximum strength, range of motion, speed, and flexibility.

If you’re ever in the Solana Beach area, stop by for a visit.